Pin Corporation principal business activity is in the distribution of frozen food products, primarily frozen meat products in Singapore. Most of our frozen meat products are imported from major frozen meat exporting countries such as Brazil, USA, China, Taiwan, EU Countries, Canada, Argentina and Thailand. We also source for some of our frozen meat products locally.

Our business involves the entire logistical chain of procuring the frozen meat products, warehousing and storage of these products, and the subsequent sale and distribution to our customers.

The three main categories of frozen food products distributed by Pin Corporation are as follows:-

Frozen Poultry Products:

  1. Frozen whole chicken, chicken parts, by-products (chicken feet and offal) and processed foods
    (eg. fried chicken feet, chicken nuggets and sausages); and 
  2. Frozen ducks and Geese.

Frozen Pork Products:
Frozen Pork Cuts, Suckling Pigs, Golden Pigs and other by-products.

Other Frozen Foods:
Fish fillets, Mixed vegetables, Lamb Mutton and other processed foods.

Other than the import and distribution of frozen food products, we also provide value-added services such as processing fried chicken feet, various pork and chicken cuts as well as repackaging of frozen food products for local supermarkets. We also process and pack the products in high quality and hygienic environment under our own brand Link Rich for Halal products and Gold Pork for Pork Items.